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Brain Test 2 Captain Mary Answers to Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

    Brain Test 2 Captain Mary Answers

    Captain Mary is a well-known sailor across the seven seas. Join her as she searches for the Cursed Pirate’s treasure.

    Captain Mary Walkthrough.

    Level 1 — This is Captain Mary. Let’s encourage her to go on a treasure hunt.
    Drag the scroll from the shelf into Captain Mary’s hands. Next, transfer the lighted candle to the card in your hands. This is the cursed pirates treasure! That booty will be mine!

    Level 2 — Time to set sail!
    First, lower the sails by the ship. Further on the deck, pay attention to the gray lever, swipe to the side to raise the anchor.

    Level 3 — The ship must get to the other side.
    There are two circles on top of the ship. Move one circle behind the other side of the stones. Move the ship to the left circle, it will turn out to be a portal. Shiver me timbers!

    Level 4 — A pirate ship is approaching. Stop them!
    Raise the cannon up. Take a shell near the cannon and install it in the cannon. Take the torch and light the fuse at the cannon. Sleep with the fishes, you stinky pirates!

    Level 5 — A siren is seducing your crew mates with her singing. Stop it!
    In the place where the siren sits, mushrooms grow. Move the mushrooms to the pirates’ ears. If you do not have time, return the pirates to the ship. Get a hold of yourselves, lads!

    Level 6 — There is no wind, and they can’t move.
    Rotate the cannon on the ship to the left by clicking on it several times. Next, drag all 3 projectiles into the cannon to start moving. We invented a new way of sailing, but it is a waste of cannonballs!

    Level 7 — Keep the ship in balance during the storm!
    Grab the pirates and drive to the left and right side of the ship to keep balance. Batten down the hatches!

    Level 8 — They must find the island by following the map.
    First turn the wheel to the right so that the red arrow is just below the letter «E». Then turn the steering wheel to the right so that the red arrow is between the letters «W» and «S». Land Ahoy!

    Level 9 — They finally found the treasure island. But they need to find something to drink first.
    Drag the bunch of bananas to the adjacent coconut palm tree (instead of the coconuts). The monkey will run to the palm tree. Press several times on the monkey so that its head stretches up. Press on the torso until the monkey knocks down the coconut. Fill up your bellies to the full, lads. We have a long walk to the booty.

    Level 10 — Look at the map and dig the treasure cave’s entrance.
    Pay attention to the map, it is turned over in the hands of the pirate! Grab the pirate with the shovel and drag to the place between the lake and the rocks. There is the entrance!

    Level 11 — Protect them from the bats while they are climbing down.
    Move pirates along the rope so that the bats don’t attack them. Wait until all the bats collide with each other. Give no quarter to these flying rodents! They are actually not rodents, but mam. Shut your mouth, you son of an aristocrat!

    Level 12 — Try to find a way to open that magical door.
    Remove the hats from the two pirates to expose their bald spots. Next, place the first pirate on the beam below the reflector. Place another pirate to the left of the first. The beam will pass through their bald spots and illuminate the path. I love your bald heads, me hearties!

    Level 13 — A giant spider! Stop it!
    Large blocks hang from above. Place your finger over the pirates and shake the phone to get rid of the spider. So many monsters! We should have invited monster hunter Joe to this booty hunt!

    Level 14 — Another puzzle door. Try to open it.
    Part of the puzzle is hidden behind the stones. Replace it. Twist each part so that all the letters X, Y, Z, T come together. After that, the door will open. The cursed pirate was such a puzzle-loving matey!

    Level 15 — Try to find an exit from this dark corridor.
    Guide the lighted torch to the middle of the screen to make it fit. After drag it to the right corner, it will snap into place again. Then take the torch to the right to see the door. Blimey! Finally, an exit from this dark corridor!

    Level 16 — All of them must get to the other side.
    Stop with the stones of the middle and lower pirate. Next, remove the stone from the topmost pirate so that it goes through the tunnel. The block will fall from a height onto the spider. Remove the stone from the lower pirate to make it go through the tunnel. At the end, remove the stone from the middle pirate to complete the level. Oh, sink me! I lost my mateys! It seems I must continue alone.

    Level 17 — Mary must fight off these monsters.
    Pinch with your finger and transfer to your empty hand to shoot the bat. Fight off spiders with your feet. Be careful, try to do everything quickly. I definitely deserve a bounty for this amazing fight!

    Level 18 — She must use the mine railway to reach to the treasure chamber.
    Set up the rails so that you can drive through the lava and go into the left tunnel. ARR!

    Brain Test 2 Captain Mary Answers to Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

    Level 19 — Mary must pass through this magical platform.
    Start moving along the blue cells, then enter the dark cell and go along the dark cells to the red circle. Then follow the red lights. Such a foul magic protects the treasure!

    Brain test 2 Captain Mary Level 19

    Level 20 — She finally found the treasure chest, but beware of the Cursed Pirate’s ghost!
    Initially, you need to take the bandage from the skull on the left and put it on the pirate. Then shoot the hat and put it back on the pirate. Then shoot on the right mountain in a necklace with teeth and also put on the pirate. Next, we shoot at the chest. My coffers will be so heavy that I will need several ships to carry them! Now let’s go to Tortuga and sing some shanties!

    This concludes Captain Mary adventure. Write your questions about the passage and share your opinion on the game. Thanks!

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