Easy Game Answers and Walkthroughs to All Levels

    Answers to all levels of the game Easy Game-logic game you will find below. The game Easy Game will provide an opportunity to test your intelligence by solving ingenious puzzles! To pass the level you will need a creative approach. Solve riddles and have a lot of fun! Can you solve all the tasks and figure out how to pass correctly? Find out now! Go through various levels and use logic to solve problems. If you need help completing the game Easy Game-logic game, then you can use the answers to all levels further.

    Easy Game-Logic Walkthrough

    Level 1 Which is lighter?

    Level 2 Which of the planets is the largest?

    Level 3 Grow a flower.

    Level 4 How many apples are there?

    Level 5 Select the largest snowman.

    Level 6 Guess the card.

    Level 7 Cross the river.

    Level 8 Which glass contains the most water?

    Level 9 Help John!

    Level 10 How many facets does this diamond have?

    Level 11 What time is it now?

    Level 12 Remove the piano.

    Level 13 Build a tower from these shapes.

    Level 14 Which hand is the coin in?

    Level 15 Find a fish?

    Level 16 Let the bird out.

    Level 17 Find number 9.

    Level 18 Select six bananas.

    Level 19 Lift the kettlebell.

    Level 20 How many watermelons are there?

    Level 21 Who’ll be the first to open the safe?

    Level 22 Find the objects.

    Level 23 Wake up the elephant.

    Level 24 What is the maximum number of parts you can split the moon into with two cuts?

    Level 25 You need this rare coin.

    Level 26 How many leaves does this tree have?

    Level 27 Help the snail win!

    Level 28 Which eggshell will complete the part below?

    Level 29 Heads or tails?

    Level 30 Find a strange dice.

    Level 31 Count 15 seconds.

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